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ADON (Adonis Network Coin)

ADON is a transactional security and privacy-driven decentralized open-source cryptocurrency. Adonis Coin (ADON) is a decentralized, digital Asset, built on a unique blockchain/Coin system. ADON coin is a new generation of blockchain that use POS, zk-SNARK, And Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) technology to make purely distributed structures with privacy and safety for all users. Adonis strives to be among the pioneers in the blockchain industry with a vision for the ADON Coin to become one of the leading cryptocurrencies amongst the first 100 established. Adonis aims to help governmental and educational institutes by providing them with secure and immutable application. Adonis envisions leading the blockchain revolution by creating a global marketplace where people can buy, sell, and trade the cryptocurrency of their choice in the most reference and trusted manner and Adonis Network's main vision is to become one of the trusted sources for launching Cryptocurrency projects.


HISTORY: Adonis started as a computer store in 2005, after we switched to IT services, and ever since we have helped non-IT organizations. We are a creative company, eager to help your business idea in cryptocurrency get any services with our professional information technology team. Our team is ready to help your business flourish, and we have the tools and expertise to make it happen quickly and affordably.we register Adonis Network Software industry in 2022 and trade (Joint-stock company) is Registered as the first Cryptocurrency company in Turkey. Adonis Network is an IT Solution Company that provides varied services to help clients change, manage and transform their businesses by means of high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective solutions. We provide services to different companies from small-scale level to medium-sized Enterprises to even fortune 100+ organizations and guide them in the best possible way to maximize IT investment and also reduce the cost of acquiring new technologies. Our professional team has a sound technical prowess in enterprise solutions that helps organizations in enabling these solutions into strategic asset that helps to accelerate a new revenue stream to differentiate or reinvent your business functions to operate in a more efficient way to outperform your competitors. We support clients on all aspects of the Systems Development Life Cycle – providing timely access to top-level Project Managers, Architects, Developers, System and Programmer Analysts, Business Analysts, Testers, and QA Specialists. We complement our tailored, integrated expertise with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators to deliver better, faster, and more enduring outcomes..

MASTERNODES: ADON utilizes a network of “Masternodes” that provide a number of vital network functions. Masternodes require 100,000 ADON as collateral to prevent Sybil attacks. Although this collateral can be spent at any time, doing so removes the associated Masternode from the network. The reward for each block is split between Stakers and Masternodes. ADON has a balanced ecosystem because 60% of coins are staked or locked in Masternodes, and coin holders only suffer a small rate of inflation, which continuously decreases as the coin supply increases, since only a fixed amount of 10 million ADON can be minted per year. ADON features IPv4, IPv6, Tor Network Nodes and I2P support is in development. Every ADON transaction must be double-validated by a random Staker and Masternode, and then confirmed 101 consecutive times by random contributors. An attacker would need to own 70.7% of staked coins for a 50% chance of double spending or invalidating a single block. ADON coin staking can be decentralized amongst all of its users and cannot be traced by electricity use, whereas mining is usually centralized by mining pools, concentrated in regions where electricity is cheap.

STAKING: Proof of stake (PoS) is a type of protocol that is used to verify transactions using a fraction of the electricity used in proof of work (PoW). Furthermore, PoS is used to create Adon that is distributed to stakers as a reward for validating transactions. Adon utilizes the PoS 3.0 protocol with fixed block rewards, in addition to a variable seesaw reward mechanism that dynamically balances 90% of its block reward size between masternodes and staking nodes. The remaining 10% of the block reward is used for the budgeting system, which utilizes its network of masternodes for decentralized governance. There is not a significant difference between staking and masternode rewards. Every Adon transaction must be double-validated by a random staker and masternode, and then confirmed 101 consecutive times by random contributors. An attacker would need to own 70.7% of staked coins for a 50% chance of double spending or invalidating a single block. Adon coin staking can be decentralized amongst all of its users and cannot be traced by electricity use, whereas mining is usually centralized by mining pools, concentrated in regions where electricity is cheap.

ZKSNARKS: Components and Characteristics of ZKSNARKS As mentioned above, the term zk-snarks stands for Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge. Let us break down each component that makes up zk-snarks for understanding them well.


The first aspect in zk-snarks is ‘zero-knowledge’. As mentioned already, zero-knowledge proofs help one party to prove the truth of a statement to another party. Note that, the former party in a zero-knowledge proof is known as the prover, and the latter is known as the verifier. The prover can prove the truth of a statement to the verifier with ZKPs without revealing any other information. For example, zero-knowledge proofs are helpful in cases where the verifier can give the hash of a random number to the prover. However, the prover could convince the verifier that the hash value is related to a specific number without revealing the number itself.


The next important component in zk-snark blockchain refers to succinctness. The ‘succinct’ trait in zk-snarks implies that the size of the messages is very trivial in comparison to the transaction. Therefore, succinct ZKPs are easily verifiable within a matter of milliseconds. Proof length generally ranges up to some hundred bytes, even for statements regarding massive programs.


The characteristics of zk-snarks also refer to the non-interactive zero-knowledge proof. As the name implies, non-interactive ZKPs could ensure that there is complete none or very limited prover-verifier interaction. In the case of zk-snarks, you can find only a setup phase. Following the setup phase, a single message goes from the prover to the verifier. Interestingly, zk-snarks also features the ‘public verifier’ property which helps in enabling any individual to verify without new interactions.


The understanding of zk-snark blockchain applications also depends a lot on arguments. Arguments basically imply protection for the verifier against the prover with computational limitations. Any prover with adequate computational power could create arguments or proofs regarding wrong statements. Interestingly, the right amount of computational power could help in breaking down public-key encryption. The use of arguments could help in ensuring computational soundness with zk-snarks.


Knowledge is the final element in zk-SNARKs and is quite crucial for the efficiency of the cryptograpy technique. Any prover could not create a proof or argument without knowledge of any particular witness. The witness could be the path to a specific Merkle-tree node, address where provers want to spend from, and the preimage of a hash function..

ADONBANK: Adonis bank It is a digital bank in view of operation and function that will gradually provide several diverse banking systems to the world population. Therefore, we call this platform Adonis BANK which, as the first Crypto Holding, will consist of several subset Blockchains. The advantages of adonis bank is having a crypto bank card and also an electronic terminal pos which you can use in the transaction.

SCALABILITY: ADON currently has a transaction capacity that is 4k times greater than Bitcoin. With the upcoming Elastic Block Sizes update the transaction capacity would expand based on demand. Block size of 4to 8 megabyte and block time of 60 seconds..

GOVERNANCE AND FUNDING: '''Adon coin''' has a fully operational, self-funding, decentralized treasury system that was built and developed using 100% self-funding, without any [[ICO]]. On occasion. Up to 10% of the block rewards are available to fund projects and proposals, amounting to around 100k Adon that are available every 30 days to be used and distributed through Adon's proposal and voting system, which is done in a decentralized manner through masternodes. Masternode owners and stakers are rewarded for their service to the network, with a portion of the block reward being sent to a masternode in a round-robin fashion on the creation of each block, and are also given voting rights to participate in governance decisions..